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Thread: Best side and rear delt exercises for mass.

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    Best side and rear delt exercises for mass.

    What are the best side and rear delt exercises for mass? My front delts are fine but i want to catch up my side and rear delts.

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    i'd say side lat raises and reverse pec dec

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    Side dumbell lateral raises and side lateral cable raises for side delta and reverse pec dec

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    my View.

    i just stick to good old heavy military presses with a barbell (wide grip) been doing that for ages and ive got good shoulders, wide too they look great in a tight top but the heavy military press, hits all delt anyway so its all gurd :)

    and rear delts (if you wanna hit it directly), classic bent over db flyes always work, and you dont even have to go heavy just try and get the feel of the rear delt and a good squeeze at top, around 1-2 squeeze at top, and slowly lower down.

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    laterals and reverse pec decs arnt going to bring you much mass if your front delts are way ahead of the other two make sure when your doing your presses your back is perfectly vertical (its best to do presses on a seat with a straight back.
    Id also bring in a twisting DB shoulder press when you hold the DBs so your palms are facing your cheeks then press like normal you will find your arms/hands will twist out naturally to a normal DB press position however the twisting will involve a lot more side and rear delt,
    Hope that helps
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    Try arnold presses, basically what Moros saying. I lke the rear delt pec dec too. Every now and again ill do behind the neck presses

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    medial delts:
    -dork rows
    -side laterals
    -any kind of heavy pressing

    posterior delts:
    -reverse peck deck
    -bent over laterals
    -high rope pulls

    dont worry about weight on the isolation moves, go very slow on the negative and when u pull up pull powerfully but smooth... dont jerk or ur wasting ur time
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    justin, i don't think there's any one side or rear delt exercise that is better than all the rest. bottom line is you need to pick 2 for side and 2 for rear and do those on each shoulder workout and possibly doing side and rear delt on other time during the week until you feel they have caught up. be sure to use good form as mentioned above, no swinging or dipping to get the wt up. the size will come if you do the work.
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    Have to agree with Dan but To isolate side my favorite is DB side laterals and the rear is bent over db laterals.I will use the reverse pec dec sometimes just for a change or if my elbows are bothering me

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