Let’s face it; supplements are fun. They give us an edge, they peak our performance, they elevate our mood, and they help us build muscle, but when it comes down to it, there is a lot of garbage out there that doesn’t do any of these things.

That’s why LG Sciences, a scientifically-backed sports supplement company, is here to offer you hardcore supplements that WORK!

Our team strongly believes in the products we put out. Countless hours of research have been spent on each and every product to give our consumers exactly what they need to fit their goals.

So, it’s time we decided that rather than take our word for it, we’d offer a little proof…

Formadrol Extreme is our most popular test-boosting product, but we wanted to prove to the skeptics out there that this product truly delivers, and is quite possibly the strongest and most potent natural testosterone booster on the market.

There are lots of products out there that elevate test levels, but not quite like what we see here. I could name some of the top test boosters on the market today, both herbal and steroidal, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen blood work come anywhere close to this.

Some background history on the tester:

The tester is a 35yo male that takes part in recreational athletics on a daily basis. Weightlifting, running, and swimming are normal activities. Cycle experience includes two cycles of M-Test 2 (SD, Madol), two cycles of Halodrol, and one cycle of Dianabol.

Baseline Blood Panel Results

After baseline blood work was done, the user began Formadrol Extreme at 2 capsules, 2x daily (2 caps with breakfast, 2 caps with dinner). The user was on absolutely no other supplements during the time of testing. After just 2 weeks on Formadrol Extreme, new blood work was conducted and reflected this astonishing result…

Normal to high levels of testosterone usually range from 400-800 ng/dl with free testosterone in the range of 15-25 pg/ml depending on the age and cycle experience of the user, and this user had testosterone of 1383 ng/dl with free testosterone of 33 pg/ml! That’s an amazing 4.2x higher level of free testosterone than his baseline, and 3.6x higher level of total testosterone than baseline! Those are completely unnatural numbers manifested by a completely natural source!

In reference to estrogen, post-Formadrol estrogen blood levels are significantly lower than baseline estrogen levels in proportion to testosterone (Baseline- 6:1 T to E; Post-Formadrol- 14:1 T to E).

Just think what daily use of Formadrol Extreme could have on your muscle building, mood, and sex life!

The answer to naturally boosting testosterone levels beyond your body’s limits is simple and now clearer than ever…

LG Sciences Formadrol Extreme!

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