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Thread: huge+massive=?

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    He has some big veiny legs. Really big guy though.

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    Solid ass legs man, great separation for his age.


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    holy junk
    he's got some freaky vascularity
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    looks awesome
    Decided im gonna do a show. Got about 12 months of prep.

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    big mother effer right there. And still in college at time.

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    one very big man

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    His frame is very very good that's why i think his back looks so beautiful-
    IMO his structure is one of of the most classy/fine

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    ya hes big but he sounded like he is a ****in dumbass in that interview or high lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibanezman88 View Post
    holy junk
    he's got some freaky vascularity
    my thoughts exactly bro

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